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Sedgefield Middle School Opportunites

Volunteers are needed at Sedgefield Middle School’s library. Check back for details!

Join the Booster Club – this club will support the scholar athletes and enhance the experience for athletes, students and fans of Sedgefield Middle. Visit the Booster Club Link and find out ways that you can play an important part in this school’s success – – like working the chains at a football g ame, keeping the score book, helping keep the clock at a hoops g ame and/or make a much needed donation to the booster club! (The school has a very limited budget for athletics and the Booster Club is going to fill the gap.)

Recruit a neighborhood partner – this could be a local business, group or individual that has an interest in partnering with Sedgefield Middle (or donating) to provide support for needed student progr ams.

Become a CMS Volunteer at SMS – There are lots of opportunities to engage and serve at the school.

Buy a Sedgefield Middle School T-Shirt, Hat or Car Magnet to help build up awareness about the school and to show your support. These items can be purchased at the school or online at CMS Te am Apparel via CMS Site.

Questions? Contact Frank Turner at

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