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Salvation Army Center of Hope Women’s Shelter

Diapers and Baby Needs: $15

Shelter Services for a Mom and Child: $40

The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte strives to be a leading force in providing human services to those in need in the n ame of Christ, without discrimination. It operates Charlotte’s largest year-round emergency shelter for women and children. There is currently a critical shortage of space to house the women and children in our community with no place else to go. With 250 beds, the shelter not only meets basic needs, but also offers supportive services such as childcare, transportation, employment training, a computer lab, and on-site substance abuse treatment and a medical clinic. A Boys and Girls Club progr am at the shelter provides after-school and summer c amp progr ams for children residing there.

Your gift ensures these women and children have the essential supplies and services needed for a better future.

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