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Mission: Possible for 2nd & amp; 3rd Graders

02/09/2020 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Madelyn’s Fund supports local NICU f amilies including those who experience the trauma of infant loss. Time spent in the NICU can be financially and emotionally exhausting. Madelyn’s Fund strives to ease the burden f amilies face so they can focus on their child’s well-being through financial assistance with everyday living expenses as well as funeral expenses for f amilies who experience loss.  We will pack tote bags and make cards for NICU f amilies.

We Need Items for the Tote Bags! We need newborn diapers, hypoallergenic wipes, newborn pacifiers, and hypoallergenic baby soap. Please bring donations of these items to the Children’s Ministries office on or before February 9. You may also purchase items online and ship them directly to the church. Please ship to Leslie Lowery, Myers Park UMC, 1501 Queens Road, Charlotte, NC 28207 no later than February 7.

RSVP: Send your child’s n ame and grade to Leslie at

Middle School Retreat

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