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Community Spotlight

This year the Lenten calendar begins on February 17, in the middle of what our cultural calendar designates as Black History Month. Beginning February 4, we will honor both of these seasons by presenting a special true story and spoken word series in partnership with Hannah and Shardae Hasan of Epoch Tribe. Each week, we will release a video in Missions’ #livedifferently enewsletter and provide accompanying materials that will further engage, educate, and challenge you as you explore each story’s theme.

“In The Spirit Of What Came Before” Virtual DiscussionMarch 4, 4:00 p.m., Zoom: As we conclude this true story and spoken word series, we invite you to join us for a virtual discussion hosted by Epoch Tribe. The discussion will further explore the series’ themes, tell more about the people and places in the poems, and provide action items for continued ways to learn, understand, and get involved. This will be a safe space for open dialogue. Join the Zoom meeting.

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Community Videos

Part 1 - Gifting Self-Love

Via @epochtribe: The Black identity is vast and varied, but a commonality shared is the striving to feel affirmed and beautiful in comparison to the standards of others. For some, the beauty of being Black is a process, a growth, and a lesson. In Part 1 of “In The Spirit of What Came Before,” the theme is Gifting Self-Love. This piece explores the journey to self-love and the power of this self-affirmation in the world.

Companion Material: Part 1 Journal – In The Spirit of What Came Before

Part 2 - The Black Market

Via @epochtribe: Black wealth, business ownership and economic advancement are all intertwined in our ability to overcome. More so than others, building and passing on wealth has been a struggle for Black families because pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps is often not enough. Part 2 of In The Spirit of What Came Before honors the very special brand of tenacity, creativity and perseverance that drives Black entrepreneurship.

Companion Material: Part 2 Journal – In The Spirit of What Came Before

Part 3 - Elastic Movements

Via @epochtribe : Artistic expression is a part of the human identity, and takes many forms. For Black Americans our artistic expressions can be complicated – the act of creating can lose its magic when the act itself is scrutinized or compared because the creator is Black. Whatever the consequence, we move, create and make space for our visions to come to life. Because it’s our human right. Part 3 of In The Spirit of What Came Before is about ways that we, just like others, find ourselves in the freedom of expression.

Companion Material: Part 3 Journal – In The Spirit of What Came Before

Part 4 - Say Something

Via @epochtribe : As much as things change, they stay the same. This old adage can be true, but it isn’t required. Part 4 of In The Spirit of What Came Before, Say Something, summons our collective courage to use our voices to give new shape to our future.

Companion Material: Part 4 Journal – In The Spirit of What Came Before