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Learn about the Bible

Learn About the Bible

Pastoral Series

Encountering the World of Scripture –  Through this series, Dr. Howell ex amines passages of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Enjoy, ponder, be puzzled, amazed, and grateful!

Progr ams

Jesus: Fact or Fiction…or Both

An Hour Through The Bible

Jesus is THE Way?

The Life and Journeys of Paul

The Book of Revelation

Opportunities for Further Study

Disciple Bible Study

Disciple is a global, nondenominational progr am that has impacted the lives of over 2 million people over the past 29 years. It is a foundational building block at the heart of our own church where more than 800 people have completed the prerequisite, 34-week Disciple 1 – Becoming Disciples through Bible Study. Many have gone on to take some or all of the advanced classes as well. Studies range from 24 to 34 weeks and begin in the fall. Learn more.