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We believe that there is a God, who created and cares for everything and everyone.

Each one of us is made by God and for God.

We learn about God and ourselves in the world through the Bible.  To be understood through the Bible, God loves questions, and doesn’t expect we will all agree on everything.

There is plenty of mystery in God and life, and we expect to grow and learn together.  We ponder the tough issues our world faces with humility, careful listening, and a determination to love.


The heart of God is fully revealed in Jesus.  God did not hover aloof up in heaven, but came down to be with us, to be one of us, a child like we all were children once.  He lived with struggles like we do.  He was a great teacher, a healer, and one who had compassion everyone, especially those nobody cared about.  He died, like we do, and was raised from the dead to give us and the world hope.  The Holy Spirit continues to make him present to us and in us.

God seeks love from us, and for us to love others.  We humans have problems:  we are lonely, we die, we hurt each other, we fail to do what God asks.  There is forgiveness in Jesus, and hope for healing.  God’s dream is for each of us to build a life of prayer, holiness and action for God.

We do this together.  God calls us to be the Church, the community of believers, the Body of Christ in the world today.  Together we worship, we learn, we support each other, and we reach out beyond our walls to serve and build community in our community and in the world.

We are part of the United Methodist denomination, and we share in its proud tradition of passionate faith in Jesus and compassionate service in the world, with an ecumenical heart that honors the beliefs of others, and eagerly joins them in being God’s universal church in the world.