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A Christmas Reflection

A Reflection from the Christmas Concerts

Written by Craig Fisher

Photos by Lisa Howell

Photo by Lisa Howell

I felt compelled to write down some of my observations that I witnessed at the day of Sunday, December 4th during the Christmas concerts.  I don’t have the elegance with words and thought to speak off the top of my head, and sometimes the reflection of the day culminates into vivid picture accompanied by a loss of ways to express it. Maybe with writing it down, my spirit can rest.

As an av technician, I was in a unique position of being center church balcony for rehearsals and both concerts. What I saw was quite amazing from that vantage point. Oh, yes the performance was magnificent but there was more to it. Here is some of what I witnessed in sort of a crude bullet pointed list:


Maybe a little sappy and dr amatic visualization from me, but just all of this to say how happy I am to be a part of this great ministry and in service for God. Now, after years and years: a feeling of belonging. a feeling of f amily.

There is a very simple little song by Kittie Louise Jennett Suffield  that has been running through my head all day called, “Little is Much When God Is in It”. When I looked up some of the words that I had forgotten, the first thing that I noticed was this statement: Author: Kittie L. Suffield (1924) Tune: STEWARDSHIP

In the harvest field now ripened
There’s a work for all to do;
Hark! the voice of God is calling,
To the harvest calling you.

Little is much when God is in it!
Labor not for wealth or f ame;
There’s a crown, and you can win it,
If you go in Jesus’ n ame.

In the mad rush of the broad way,
In the hurry and the strife,
Tell of Jesus’ love and mercy,
Give to them the Word of Life.

Does the place you’re called to labor
Seem so small and little known?
It is great if God is in it,
And He’ll not forget His own.

Are you laid aside from service,
Body worn from toil and care?
You can still be in the battle,
In the sacred place of prayer.

When the conflict here is ended
And our race on earth is run,
He will say, if we are faithful,
“Welcome home, My child—well done!”